Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What they're saying about Kindle 2

Here is a sampling of quotations from some of the articles on the Kindle 2:

"The new version displays more shades of grey than were previously possible, and Amazon has paired that with a set of updated fonts to make the text significantly crisper and easier to read. But it's the speed of the display that makes everything different."


"While he obviously loves the Kindle, [Stephen] King says print books will always be around. Instead, he sees e-books and print books as complementary.

'They're like peanut butter and chocolate, when you put them together you’ve got a whole new taste treat,' he said."

--Wired Blogs

"In short, the improvements seem worthwhile, but there was no real curveball to give the Kindle a mainstream appeal. "


"We played for the unit for the briefest of moments, but it really does feel great in hand. The brushed metal back is great, the device is incredibly light and comfortable to hold, and the keyboard is fairly usable."


"Perhaps most significantly, Amazon said it would start selling e-books that can be read on mobile phones and other devices, although Amazon did not say when it would do so or which devices would be compatible."

--The New York Times

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JD at I Do Things said...

I have to agree with Stephen King. I don't ever see e-books replacing paper books, but there's certainly a place for them. Having said that, I WANT A KINDLE!

KindleDude said...

Hiya JD! Well, as someone once pointed out, I'm not sure I'd want to take my Kindle onto a sandy beach--sand couldn't be good for it!

Someone else pointed out that taking a Kindle into the jacuzzi would also be a no-no.

So, there are at least 2 places for paper books! ;-)

Amazon Kindle Fan said...

I get what CNET is trying to say, but it's kind of obvious. The Kindle 2 isn't going to all of a sudden turn non-readers into readers. If people don't read books, then they are definitely not going to read ebooks. And it doesn't have the wide attraction that a music device like the ipod has--and everyone listens to music. It's a different thing.

The kindle, or any ebook reader, will always be for that small amount of the population that read A LOT. But who knows, maybe it will catch on as a general internet reader and newspaper reader.

I think Amazon has a lot up its sleeve with what they want to unveil around the Kindle over the next decade. They are going to want to get this device into the hands of as many people as possible, is the way I see it.

KindleDude said...

Amazon Kindle Fan: I'm not sure CNET "gets it," but I wanted to reflect the variety of opinion out there.

I agree with you, I predict that Amazon is going to do quite well selling books over the Kindle, and I think more and more publishers will participate as well.

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