Thursday, January 8, 2009

Upcoming, New, and Almost Free

Charlie Huston, whose book Six Bad Things was previously mentioned in this prior post, has a new one, which will be available for the Kindle on January 13 and may be pre-ordered from the Amazon Kindle store now. It's called The Mystic Arts of Erasing All Signs of Death, and Janet Maslin of the New York Times calls it "smoking hot" and an "almost entirely successful leap into crime fiction's mainstream." Sounds like a must-read for crime fiction fans. The Kindle edition will be $9.99.

Lima Nights by Donna Seaman, the former editor of Washington Post's Book World (the Sunday book review section), garnered a very strong review in the Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post, among others. The Post describes it as the story of an unlikely couple who meet in 1986 in a tango bar, in which "the author shows us how easy it is to deceive ourselves and others when following a forbidden path of sex and love." Available now on Kindle for $9.99.

Lastly, Orbit books, a science-fiction and fantasy publisher, is making one book available for $1.00 (one dollar) each month through June. This month's dollar book is The Way of Shadows by debut author Brent Weeks. calls it "an impressive debut novel." Sounds tempting--you may read more about it in this blog!

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