Thursday, January 1, 2009

Correction: Fictionwise Pricing Rebates and Discounts

In my prior post, Eyes Glued Shut, I mentioned the Fictionwise store's relative higher pricing for books as compared to Amazon. I got a comment from none other than Neelan Choksi, the COO of Lexcycle (developer of the Stanza ereader for Mac and iPhone). It turns out that I missed the fact that Fictionwise has a system of discounts and rebates that can significantly lower the cost of books.

I signed up with Fictionwise and checked out the prices of the books I cited as examples in my prior post. Twilight by Stephanie Meyer and The Audacity of Hope by President-elect Barack Obama have a 100% micropay rebate credit ($10.99 and $14.99 respectively) that can be used to purchase additional books. The price of Brisingr has a smaller rebate of $7.00. Clearly, I admit with a little egg on my face, if one makes good use of the Fictionwise rebates one can bring the prices of the Fictionwise books down considerably, making price much less of a factor over time than I stated in my prior post.

In addition, Fictionwise has some multiformat books that should also work on the Kindle. I will be exploring Fictionwise a bit more in the future, so stay tuned!

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Trisha said...

I recently ran across Fictionwise myself while browsing for books for my new iPod Touch. I was a bit put off by the high prices too. Maybe I'll go and take a closer look at their rewards system myself. There's a chance that I may have browsed too fast. ;) Thanks for the heads up.

KindleDude said...

Trisha, thanks! I'm actually still exploring Fictionwise. So far, I've only had success with the "multiformat" books, and none at all with any of the "secure" formats (using iPhone + eReader).

If you decide to try Fictionwise, I'd like to know how it goes, and any tips you can provide (as a guest writer, maybe?).

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