Monday, January 5, 2009

Book Review Blog Carnival, and other notes

The Book Review Blog Carnival has pitched its big top at There is a virtual menagerie of reviews there, in the genres of non-fiction, biography, books for children, fiction, crime fiction, science fiction, and poetry. Readers looking to start the year off right, please pay Charli at bloody-kisses a visit!

Kindledude is currently reading Miles from Nowhere, a first novel from Nami Mun, and hopes to have a review up soon.

More on the Fictionwise experience about which I posted previously. We Kindle users know how seamless it is to buy a book from Amazon on the Kindle. Where, where Fictionwise and the iPhone are concerned, there are some seams. In particular, I cannot download a book that I purchased. The issue is that there are a variety of formats for different book readers running on different devices. I have both eReader and Stanza for iPhone, and my understanding is that eReader is suppossed to read protected formats. Indeed, the book's description states that it is for "secure eReader" format. However, I can't download it from the site (the legend "You have not yet set your Secure Mobipocket Personal ID" appears) and when I sign onto my bookshelf from my iPhone, the book does not appear at all. Iphones do not have an easily accessible device ID like Palm devices, but placing a credit card on your account is supposed to serve as the means to unlock. I have done so, and not had the desired result.

My last action on this was on Friday, when I wrote to the Fictionwise support email address. So far, I have not heard anything, but I will update this blog when I do. But for now, all I can say is that book purchase with Amazon's Kindle is much, much easier.

If anyone has had a different experience or a possible solution, PLEASE, PLEASE post a comment!

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