Thursday, November 13, 2008

Books on blogs for the Kindle

My Kindle blog, as informative and entertaining as it is, has had two hits (other than myself), and one was my brother, who is home with the flu, and who I asked to visit my blog. So, how can I get more traffic? And, specifically for the purposes of this blog, are there any books available for the Kindle that can help? Because, seriously, I don't have time to go to the bookstore; I've got to get on this now, before I exhaust my energy with all this shouting into the void.

A couple of promising titles appear. One is How to Make Money with Your Blog: The Ultimate Reference Guide for Building, Optimizing, and Monetizing your Blog.

The title of this one was so long I had to download the free sample just to be able to read all of it. The author claims that he tried several titles, and "this name was chosen as the most obvious, concise, and appropriate for the content of this book." Be that as it may, what I really need, though, is simply how to get my blog to appear in searches so people can find it. This book has one chapter on that topic; how much better would a whole book be?

Which brings me to the irresistible Blog Traffic Jump Start by Pat B. Doyle, which promises that "if you follow all these steps, you will be able to greatly increase your blog's traffic and search engine ranking too." Of course, this is a couple of pages after the standard "I am making no promises" disclaimer to prevent lawsuits by the disappointed.

So, now begins the experiment. Starting with this latter book, which, despite my "huckster alert" siren going off in my head, I will download immediately, I'm going to apply the recommendations and techniques provided. Since my blog traffic is now approximately 1, any increase at all should be immediately detectable. I will then report on the results, the ultimate goal being to be able to tell you, dear reader, which Kindle books on blogging are worth your attention.

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